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Experimenting vs Stability in Bed: What’s Your Choice?

There is a widespread belief that sexual experiments are a preserve of young people. For older men and women stability and regularity are crucial. Well, of course, there is the truth is these words. But many people confuse stability with routine, while these terms mean different things. Stability, first of all, implies regularity. Both men and women, especially after the age of 40 need sex regularly. There shouldn’t be long periods of sexual abstinence, as it can negatively affect both sexual performance and the state of the reproductive system. But does it mean that you should always use one and the same scenario? Not at all! On the contrary, routine and lack of drive kill sexual relations, making them turn into an annoying duty.

How to Boost Sexual Experience?

The most frequent reasons for which many couples refuse from bold experiments and new experience in bed are fear of failure and lack of sex drive. Fortunately, both these problems are easily resolved at any age.

First of all, you should abandon all your fears. If your partner and you love and respect each other, you have nothing to fear. Of course, it happens so that even minor changes in a tried and tested scenario can make a man nervous or anxious. If this is typical for you, use some new-generation remedies that will support you in a difficult situation mildly and safely. For example, you can try any OTC Viagra options – they are safe and suit to 90 percent of men.

The second problem that bothers both men and women is a reduced sex drive or low libido. Yes, this often happens in the course of ageing, and the most frequent reason for it is hormone changes. In particular, for men testosterone level is important. This hormone is responsible for masculinity in general and for men’s libido in particular. So, learn how to increase testosterone safely – with the help of exercising, dieting and so on. One more possible solution is the use of aphrodisiacs. They are usually available in the form of various food supplements and herbal pills.

Till What Age Can People Stay Sexually Active?

When we are twenty, we think that there is no sex after thirty-five. When we are thirty-five, we believe that sex ends at the age of fifty. And what do specialists say in this respect?

Nowadays it is considered that there is no upper limit for sexually active age. While the period of fertility is limited (at least in women) by the age of 50-55, people can continue living sexual life for their olden days – for as long as they want to. There are known cases when men became fathers at the age of 90. And it is proved scientifically that if a man is healthy, nothing will prevent him from having children at any age.

Some time ago, the sexual life of a couple depended much on sexual abilities of a man. It usually stopped when a man faced erectile dysfunction, the treatment of which was complicated and low-effective. Today there exist advanced medicines that provide a mild and safe relieving of ED symptoms. Experiments show that Viagra can be effectively used even by men after 80. So, today there is no need of being dependent on the state of men’s erectile function.

Everything is in Your Own Hands

This is for you to decide how to live your life. You can stop living sexual life at the age of 40 and consider yourself old at 45. Or you can stay sexually active till olden days, strengthening your health, and enjoying the life. It’s a fact that sexually active people live longer, and the quality of their life is much higher. So make your choice and determine the quality of your own life.