ED is not a Reason to Refuse from Sexual Life: Find a Better Solution!

A single failure in bed, as a rule, doesn’t cause any serious emotional stress in men. But if such failures repeat several times in a row, any man involuntary starts thinking that something awful is happening. The word “impotence” fills the stronger sex representatives with consternation. Though today health specialists try not to use this word at all, replacing it with a less hurting “erectile dysfunction”, it still causes panic in men.

The first thought of many men who face symptoms of ED for the first time is that now they won’t be able to live a normal sexual life anymore. Of course, this thought scarifies them, as sex is a crucial integral part of life. But do these fears really have grounds? In fact, healthcare specialists say that erectile dysfunction itself can’t prevent men from living an active sexual life or having children.

I have ED – What Should I Do?

Despite there is a lot of available information regarding erectile dysfunction and its treatment in open sources, men ask this question again and again on the forums and in the blogs dedicated to men’s health. Specialists recommend not to panic and do the following simple steps:

1) Make sure that it is erectile dysfunction and not an accidental failure caused by tiredness, anxiety or something else. ED has several clear symptoms. In particular, this diagnosis is put when a man is not able of maintaining or reaching erection in at least 30 percent of cases, when night and morning physiological erections disappear or weaken, and sometimes erection can weaken right during a sexual intercourse despite sexual arousal.

2) If you are sure that this is ED and not anything else, try to define its cause. The earlier you’ll do it the better. You may need visiting several specialists and have your samples taken. It can take, but it is necessary for several reasons. First, knowing the cause, you’ll have more chances for a complete and successful curing of the disorder. Second, ED can be a symptom of a more dangerous condition, and a timely diagnostics will help to cope it.

3) Find the best drug for treating ED. A universal treatment, which is used irrespective of the cause of the disorder, is the treatment with PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra and others). If you already have a prescription, you can try to get Viagra trial from the manufacturer. If you don’t want to visit doctors and ask for a prescription, opt for generics, which have exactly the same effect, but they are sold over the counter and at a lower price.

How will My Sex Life Change with ED?

If you think that with such diagnosis as erectile dysfunction you can forget about sexual life, you are mistaken. Modern drugs act at a biochemical level; they change the biochemical processes in blood vessels so that the physiological mechanism of erection is completely restored. In other words, you’ll be able of executing absolutely normal sexual acts as well as before. The only inconvenience is the need of taking a pill every time before sexual activity, but if you tolerate the drug well, it will be not a problem. Modern pills have an effect lasting for several hours, so you’ll be able to continue your sexual life almost without limitations.

Can I Ever Get Rid of ED Forever?

In most cases, ED is caused by disturbed circulation. If you manage to completely restore circulation, and so eliminate the cause of ED, you’ll get rid of the disorder. However, this is not an easy matter. For the more detailed answer, you’d better apply to your observing doctor. Sometimes ED can be caused by some other problems, for example, certain psychological conditions. If it is so, you’ll manage to cure ED only when its initial reason is eliminated.