Eli Lilly company – history, principles of work, and product assortment!

Lilly is a leading innovative pharmaceutical corporation founded in 1876. The corporation develops and introduces innovative medicines aimed at effective treatment of a number of diseases, especially in the field of endocrinology, oncology, psychiatry, infectious diseases, neurology, cardiology and urology.

The staff of the company consists of more than 38 000 people all over the world. The company conducts clinical research in 50 countries, has research laboratories in 8 countries and manufacturing enterprises in 13 countries. The corporation’s products are sold in 125 countries.

History of the company

The company is named after its founder, Colonel Lilly, a veteran of the Civil War of 1861-1865. In 1876 he founded a laboratory for the production of medicines in Indianapolis. Guided by his convictions and the needs of society, he assumed the following obligations:
1) to create a company that will produce pharmaceutical preparations of the highest quality;
2) the company will develop medicines intended for distribution only as prescribed by the doctor;
3) the development of Lilly’s products will be based on the latest scientific achievements.

One of the main innovations that allowed the company to achieve success was the production of medicines in gelatin capsules. The company was registered as a corporation in 1880, a board of directors was established, shares were distributed among friends and relatives. Colonel Lilly headed the company until his death in 1898, his sons and grandchildren headed it until 1953.

Main principles of the company

In its activities, the company is guided by three main principles:
Honesty. The company carries out its activities in accordance with all laws and is honest in its relations with employees, shareholders, partners, medical specialists, patients, and competitors.
Striving for excellence. The development of innovative medicines is a key priority for the company. It is constantly looking for new ways to improve what it is doing and strives for meaningful results in every aspect of its activities.
Respect for people. The company respects the interests of all people, who somehow connected with its activities around the world: employees, medical professionals, patients, partners, and shareholders.

Lilly’s products

The most significant drugs produced by Eli Lilly and Company (for 2016) are:

  • Humalog, an analog of insulin ($ 2.769 billion sale volume);
  • Cialis (tadalafil), which is designed to treat erectile dysfunction ($2.472 billion sale volume);
  • Alimta, which is used to treat some forms of cancer ($ 2.283 billion sale volume);
  • Forteo, which is used for treatment of osteoporosis, as well as fractures ($ 1.5 billion sale volume);
  • Humulin, an analog of insulin (selling $ 1.366 billion sale volume);
  • Cymbalta, an antidepressant ($ 931 million sale volume).

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