Erectile dysfunction of organic and psychogenic nature – causes & treatment!

The issue of erection for all men without exception is a factor that is of great importance not only in terms of the possibility of sexual intercourse. The presence of an erection is a guarantee of an excellent psychological well-being of a person, a pledge of his full-fledged functioning in the society and a condition for normal social adaptation. The slightest potency disorder is perceived by the man not as a single, in most cases, resolved problem, but as a sign that confirms his failure and personal worthlessness.

The disorder of erectile function, otherwise called impotence, is characterized by the lack of a person’s ability to conduct a complete sexual intercourse. According to the studies, erectile dysfunction, to varying degrees of severity, occurs in no less than 10% of the total male population.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

In most cases, erectile dysfunction is not an independent isolated disorder: this problem arises, exists and is aggravated as a secondary disorder if a man has other diseases or psychotic abnormalities. In accordance with the mechanism of the disorder development, all cases of erectile dysfunction are conditionally grouped into two categories:

  1. disorders related to organic diseases;
  2. impotence of psychogenic origin.

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Organic erectile dysfunction

If doctors say that erectile dysfunction is of organic nature, this means that the problem is one of the symptoms of any disease. Impotence can be a sign of disruption of the endocrine system (diabetes, hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency) or the presence of urological diseases (prostatitis). In some cases, the reason may be disorder of the brain area responsible for reproductive functions.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

The peculiarity of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is a sudden and rapid onset of the disorder. In this case, the lack of potency is not necessarily permanent: it is possible for a man to experience such difficulties from time to time, with the advent of some specific circumstances. Another characteristic feature of this type of disorder is the appearance of an erection in a man at night.

The cause of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is one of the following factors or their combination:

  • a specific characterological portrait of the person;
  • inherited features of increased anxiety and neurotic reactions;
  • negative conditions of growing up;
  • extreme psycho traumatic situation;
  • being in a state of chronic stress;
  • formation of a syndrome of anticipation of failure.

Very often, the true reason of the deterioration of sexual function is a single episode in which a man failed to have a full sexual intercourse. Such an event is a drama for young and inexperienced guys. They are especially affected if their sexual failure was criticized and ridiculed by a woman, or information about this case became known to others.

Methods for treating erectile dysfunction

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is selected for each patient individually. Before starting treatment, a healthcare specialist conducts a conversation with the patient, receives and examines the results of the examination to clarify the diagnosis. After revealing the essential signs of the clinical picture of erectile dysfunction, the urologist recommends:

  • conservative treatment (medicamental and hormonal therapy, psychotherapist’s consultation);
  • minimally invasive treatment (intraurethral therapy and intracavernous injection);
  • surgical treatment (surgical operations, implantations).

Psychotherapy is a key method of helping patients who are diagnosed psychogenic erectile dysfunction. With the help of an experienced doctor, it is possible to correct a man’s psychological state. In the course of treatment sessions, patients learn:

  • to get rid of obsessive fears and feelings, tension and stiffness before intimacy;
  • to rationally resolve conflict situations at work and in the family;
  • to reduce sensitivity to stress;
  • to correctly behave in close communication with women, avoid feeling uncomfortable in an intimate setting;
  • to cope with self-doubt and improve sexual self-esteem;
  • to fight with excessive fixation on one’s own disease.

If the doctor prescribes tablets, the patient should be ready for taking selective inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (for example, Viagra and Cialis), dietary supplements (the so-called Viagra alternatives), and/or vitamin complexes that stimulate erectile ability.