It is Possible to Cure ED Forever – Top Real Working Methods Reviewed!

Why does ED Occur?

ED, or erectile dysfunction is a disorder of a man’s genital system. It is a condition where a man is not able of reaching an erection, which would be firm enough for penetration and successful execution of a sexual act. This condition can be caused by numerous factors. Usually specialists distinguish three groups of reasons for ED:

1) Physiological. This group includes such conditions and disorders as:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • endocrine disorders (e.g. testosterone decreasing);
  • overweight, obesity and associated conditions;
  • some chronic diseases, including diabetes and chronic kidney disease;
  • urogenital disorders, for example, prostatitis.

2) Psychogenic. This group includes psychological disorders, such as:

  • anxietys of various etiology;
  • fear of sex in general and fear of new relations,
  • low esteem;
  • stress and depression;
  • fatigue, chronic tiredness, burn out;
  • psychological traumas.

3) Mixed. Sometimes, ED is caused by a psychogenic reason, such as anxiety. If a man doesn’t address his problem properly, with the course of time his psychologic impotence grows into a real physiological inability of reaching an erection, as a result of a long sexual abstinence.

Is ED Treatable?

Though erectile dysfunction is a very annoying condition that can bring a lot of discomforts, it is not untreatable. Thanks to achievements of modern medical science, the symptoms can be effectively relieved even in cases of complete impotence. It became possible after the discovery of PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra and others). At first, these drugs were extremely expensive, but today thanks to the availability of generics everyone can get cheap Viagra analogues, which are as effective as the brand-name pill.

Keep in mind that these drugs are intended for symptomatic treatment. They do not eliminate the reason of ED, as well as not having a long-lasting effect. At the same time, they are highly efficient and can be easily taken when needed. Taking into account minor Viagra side effects, it really is the number one solution for ED treatment.

Can ED Be Cured Forever?

In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be cured completely and forever. What do we need to do this? First of all, we need to eliminate the reason of the disorder’s development. If ED has a psychogenic nature, it’s quite easy. A good psychotherapist will help you to cope with depression and anxiety. And stresses, fatigue and tiredness are cured by a good rest and change of scene.

If ED has a physiologic nature, it’s more difficult to get rid of it, though in most cases it is not impossible. The most common direct cause of ED development is poor circulation, which can be instigated by numerous reasons. So, if you face symptoms of ED one day, your actions should be as follows:

  • Don’t ignore the first symptoms. The earlier you start treatment, the higher your chances of success are.
  • Revise your lifestyle. If you are overweight, try to correct your dieting habits and increase the level of physical activity.
  • Visit a cardiologist and check your cardiovascular system. Sometimes ED is just a symptom of a more serious problem.

Timely and adequate measures taken will increase your chances for success in the fight with erectile dysfunction. Moreover, during treatment, you may continue living your sexual life as usual with the help of Viagra. If you are not sure whether it suits you, look for free samples of the drug from the manufacturer. Even one or two pills will let you see and estimate the result.

ED is an unpleasant issue, but it is not the end of your life. If you do not ignore its symptoms and make sure to follow all recommendations, you will definitely overcome it.