Lack of sex in males and females – how does it affect health & mood?

Does the lack of sex somehow influence the state of person’s health? Many healthcare specialists claim that the answer is “Yes”. There is no matter what are reasons (intended or forced) of both male and female sex abstinence. The fact is that the lack of sex has the negative impact on all systems functioning in the body.

The importance of sex for males

Sex for men is considered one of the main physiological natural needs (sex may be compared with sleep or food for male persons). Men do need regular full-fledged sex for maintaining excellent functioning of their organisms. It is a common well-known fact that men’ reactions on sex deficiency is more palpable. For example, males suffering from ED can feel depressed and suffer from feelings of inferiority. Real Viagra online may help them. How to get Viagra? This drug is used only if ED diagnosis is proved by qualified doctor. The doctor should issue a prescription to you, which gives you a right to purchase the medicine in pharmacies.

Male sex deficiency

It is not that easy to define the general necessary frequency of sex contacts. It should be done individually, taking into consideration needs of certain man. That is why, lack of sex in men should be recognized as forced abstinence from sexual contacts. The main question is: how male lack of sex can damage their health?

  • Prostatitis. Durable sex deficiency leads to stagnation of prostate secretion and activation of the prostates agents.
  • Psychosomatic system disorders. There is a wide range of psychological problems, caused by lack of sex in men, in particular, neurosis, depression, stresses, anger, obsessions, increased aggression, and sleep disorders. Depressions and stresses in their turn negatively impact cardiovascular systems, causing heart attacks, infarcts and other severe diseases.
  • Rapid gain of weight. Men who don’t have enough sex in their life are likely to replace sex by food and alcohol in vast numbers. That is why, obesity appears as well as other problems, which have their roots in alcohol abuse.
  • Impotence and infertility. Obviously, the organ, which doesn’t function properly, becomes weaker. It is similar to being in immobile position for several months and then trying to stand up sharply.

Lack of sex in women

Women are less sex dependent than male persons. But even women need in sex depends on numerous factors, including sexual constitution, upbringing, temperament and emotional state. As a whole, lack of sex in women can lead to the following problems:

  • Sleep disorders. While orgasm occurs, the female organism produces hormone oxytocin, which is recognized as natural sedative. Having no sex or having not enough sex the women faces sleep disorders.
  • Premature aging. Regular sex lead to collagen producing, which prevents the skin from premature aging.
  • Hormonal disorders. Durable sex deficiency is one of the causes of sudden hormonal bursts, which lead to skin inflammation, growth of extra hair, obesity etc.
  • Immunity system activity decreasing. Health care professionals are sure that regular sex contributes to defense body systems activation and powerful prevention of cold.
  • Chronic pain. Due to the hormonal burst, occurring while having sex, the pain threshold is rapidly increasing. It helps to deal with chronic and other different severe pains. In addition, lack of sex lead to more intense menstrual pain.
  • Anorgasmia. Women, who haven’t got sex for a long time, are more likely to suffer from neuroses and other various hysterical conditions. In most cases, these conditions are the first signs of anorgasmia, which implies inability to experience orgasm. The so-called “Viagra for women” (flibanserin) may help in such cases.
  • A wide range of psychological problems. The lack or total sex absence lead to self-evaluation decreasing, depressive conditions, neuroses, and anxiety.