Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies – the biggest drugstore chain in Canada!

Shoppers Drug Mart is the biggest pharmacy chain in Canada. It consists of about 1300 stores throughout Canada. It works seven days a week from 8am to 12am and is very popular among Canadians. In this article, we will tell you about the main features of this pharmacy chain.

Range of products in the pharmacy

In Shoppers Drug Mart, you will find:
1. A large cosmetics and perfumery department. This, in fact, a store in a drugstore that has its own staff of sellers and cashier.
3. Department of books & magazines (not large). There you can take something to read.
3. Department of photo services. In the pharmacy, you can take photos on your passport, print photos, buy some accessories for the camera, such as memory cards, batteries, etc.
4. Food products, household chemicals, toys.
5. Some electronics products (cameras, tablets, TVs).

You can also find the Department of Postal of Canada in the pharmacy.

Meds in Shoppers Drug Mart

The shelves in the pharmacy are divided thematically. On some you will find the remedies for the heat, on others the medications for stomach diseases are located, and in the next section 40-50 kinds of sugar candies lie, which relieve the pain in the throat. Medicines are divided according to the strength of a drug (“light”, “strong”, “super strong”), by age (meds for children and adults). In addition, there are often also women and men varieties of multivitamins and herbal supplements, such as natural Viagra for men.

Viagra in Canada as a prescription drug is available in male section.

Prices for drugs in Shoppers Drug Mart

The cost of the medicament in this chemist’s shop include the following components:

  • 1. The cost of the medicine itself (the price at which the pharmacy purchased it).
  • 2. The pharmacist’s work. Even if all the work comprises printing out the sticker & putting the pack with the medicaments in a box, the price of this work will be included in the final cost of the drug.

For example, the cost of Viagra pack may be 100 dollars (depending on the dosage) despite the fact that this drug is prescribed by a doctor.

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to get some money back. Most medical insurances issued by specialized companies cover the cost of drugs. It may be 90% of the cost of the drug.

There is one nuance: if the market has an analog of a drug at a lower price, insurance covers 90% of the cost of the analog. If you want to buy the original drug, the compensation will be not 80, but only 61 dollars. But there is also a good thing: knowing about this policy, the manufacturer offers its own discount for the purchase of the drug. As a result, for a 100-dollar medicine, the final cost may be 19 dollars.

Pharmacy chain has a common to all pharmacies database. Having once registered, you are fixed in their system, and the next time order processing becomes much shorter. Your prescriptions are inscribed in your “history”, and you can order a new portion of medicines (“refill”) simply by phone. Specify when exactly you would like to pick up the order, and it will be ready for issue. The most “advanced” pharmacies are supplied with delivery service.

Moreover, if you have exhausted your “stock” (the quantity of tablets that are allowed under the prescription), most often the pharmacists call your family doctor themselves in order to update the prescription.

The chances that your child will be prescribed a “bitter medicine” are negligible. All antibiotics, which are given to children, have the tastes of banana, strawberries or other goodies. In most pharmacies, you can measure blood pressure for free, relax on a massage chair, and also get a flu vaccine every season.