Testosterone replacement therapy – diagnosis, methods, and effects!

Do you feel fatigue? Do you gain fat from nowhere and you cannot lose it? Do you have problems with erection? Are you thinking more about lawn mowing, than about women? Do you grow old prematurely? Any of these symptoms can be a sign that you do not have enough testosterone in your body. This condition, called hypogonadism, usually develops in middle age and later. A 2006 study showed that 39% of men over 45 years old suffer from it. Another study found that only 10% of 13 million men in the US who are expected to have testosterone deficiency, receive the required treatment.

It is important, if you have ED, which is not associated with testosterone deficiency, replacement therapy will not help you. In such cases a doctor may prescribe genuine or generic Viagra for you. How much does Viagra cost? In the USA, the price is about 60 dollars per pill. But your insurance may cover it fully or partially.

How to undergo medical tests correctly?

First, find a progressive doctor who understands how to measure hormones. Fortunately, there are more and more centers for the prevention and treatment of people with low testosterone. When you find a specialist, describe all your symptoms to him. The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests.

Methods of replacement therapy with testosterone

If the tests and symptoms indicate that you have a clear testosterone deficiency, then you need to take action. Sports supplements that are used to prevent the decline of testosterone, will not help. They are effective for young and healthy young men who want to gain more weight, but not for men with a clinical testosterone deficiency. A constant replacement therapy with testosterone is actually needed.

1. Injections. Although gels (see below) give a more natural and smooth intake of testosterone, direct injections with the correct application are most effective. There are two main drugs for this: testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. For most men, 100 mg per week of any of these agents is enough to make the therapy successful. However, some need even less dosage and someone needs to raise up to 200 mg per week.

2. Gels. As noted above, gels allow testosterone to flow enter the body smoothly and naturally, but many believe that the return of this method (compared with injections) is sicker. There are also certain restrictions on the use: the gel needs to be applied to clean skin after the shower, and then you cannot take shower and sweat (for example, do some exercises) for at least an hour.

3. All the rest. All other methods, including creams, subcutaneous implantation of pellets and drops under the tongue, should not even be discussed. They are either uncomfortable or ineffective.

What can you expect from testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone will do a lot of useful for you, although not all effects appear immediately. The mood can rise from the very beginning of therapy, but some physiological consequences will come later.

1. The rise of libido. Significant growth around the third week and the plateau will be achieved between 19 and 21 weeks. It should be noted that libido improvement isn’t provided by Viagra and Cialis. However, some herbal Viagra supplements may provide such an effect.
2. If there was depression, then improvements will begin around the sixth week, but the maximum effect will come even later.
3. Improvements in terms of anxiety, problems with communication and lack of stimulation of the cerebral cortex (the brain’s part that is responsible for attention and even creativity). It becomes better on about the third week, and the constant effect comes after 3 months of therapy.
4. Better sensitivity to insulin. It begins to grow in the first days, visible effects (a decrease in the fat percentage) appear within 3-12 months.
5. Increased muscle mass. It depends not only on testosterone replacement therapy, but also on genetics, nutrition and, of course, training.