The Whole Truth about ED – It Affects More and More Young Men!

ED & Impotence – is There Any Difference?

Not so long ago, the condition when a man for some reason couldn’t reach or maintain an erection despite an adequate sexual stimulation was officially called impotence. This disorder was considered untreatable, and methods used for temporary relieving of symptoms were so terrifying that few men agreed to such a therapy. The situation changed with the development of PDE-5 inhibitors and realizing of their samples into the market. Today in medical terms impotence means a complete physiological inability of bringing men’s penis into an erected state. Such cases are very rare. All the other conditions associated with difficulties in reaching or preserving erection are referred to as erectile dysfunction. Unlike impotence, ED is effectively treated, and in many cases, it can be cured completely.

Why are Young Men Diagnosed ED?

Traditionally, erectile dysfunction had been considered a “diseasetruth about ED of elderly men”. But over the last decade, it has become much “younger”. What caused this strange shifting? Specialists single out several key reasons.

1) Lifestyle. The mode of life of an average citizen of a large city can hardly be called healthy. Our generation is the first one in the entire world’s history that is almost completely released from physical labor. We have everything – from comfortable cars for fast and hassle-free moving, modern appliances for doing all the housework and Internet for making home-delivery orders. We even don’t need to go to supermarkets! As a result, we move little and eat much fat, sugar-containing and high-calorie food. And a lack of motion together with obesity is Number One enemy of sex power.

2) Ecology. Here everything is clear without long explanations. It’s not a secret that we breathe with polluted air; we drink artificially purified water and work for 8-9 hours a day in stuffy rooms. It is proved that poor ecological environment has a negative effect on all the systems and organs of our body, and of course, men’s reproductive system is not an exception.

truth about ED3) Lack of regularity in sexual life. Nowadays the entire marital institute is into a deep crisis. More and more people chose so-called “free” relations, guest marriage and other non-traditional forms of the couple existence. Though all these forms, without a doubt, have the right to exist, sexologists warn that lack of stability and frequent changes of partners can have a negative effect on men’s potency.

Is There a Way Out?

If there is a problem, there must be its solution. As it had been mentioned above, today ED is not an end of sexual life. It is effectively treated, and the most popular and simple tool for its treatment is oral medicines – PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra. So, instead of being depressed, young men order cheap Viagra and go on living their regular lives.

truth about ED

Of course, the best way to resolve the problem of erectile dysfunction is to change lifestyle completely. To be absolutely healthy, a man should live in the country, eat natural, organic food, drink pure water and breathe fresh air. And yet, he should work physically every day. However, we all well realize that it is virtually impossible in our today’s reality. So we have to live with it.

Does ED Affect All Younger Men?

While being definitely ingenious, erectile dysfunction is very selective. It can affect a man leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, while another one will preserve an excellent potency till olden days despite a full set of bad habits. Genetics and individual inborn characteristics are of great importance also. So, even if you live in a big city and your lifestyle is far from perfect, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have ED one day.