Top Things that Enhance Men’s Sexuality – How to Become a Perfect Lover?

Though men are considered to be a stronger sex, in many situations they turn out to be more vulnerable than women. One of the most “sensitive” spheres for any man is sex and everything that is related to the topic of sex. Every man wants to be the best, the first or the strongest one. And he needs a regular confirmation of this fact from the part of his woman partner. The thought of being inferior to others can drive him crazy.

No wonder that almost every man wants to know a  secret – how to become a first-class lover. Let’s discuss what men and women mean by that and what, to women’s opinion, is crucial for an ideal lover.

Are Sexual Abilities Most Important?

Of course, if you want to be a first-class lover, you should be able of making sex. Physiological sexual abilities, such as quality of erection, stamina and, finally, the size of the main male organ are important. But are they most important? You may be surprised, but many women believe that all these abilities and physiological characteristics do not make a man sex appealing. After all, even if a man has problems with erection, he can improve it (just to buy real Viagra online). But if he can’t behave in bed properly, or has something unpleasant in his appearance, it will be much more difficult to improve it.

Women Love… to Be Loved!

Women don’t like to be treated just like a sexual object. A man who cares about a woman’s personality, who is able to notice small details in her clothes and slight changes in her mood, who knows how to say compliments will always be more attractive in female eyes. Remember the example of the famous Casanova, who fell in love with all his women.

Sex Drive is What You Need

Women feel perfectly, when you don’t want sex. And on the contrary, a strong sexual desire causes a strong sexual arousal of both partners. Routine and mechanical sex are the worst enemies of intimate life. If you don’t want sex every day, don’t make yourself to. Make it when you really want to, and enjoy the process. When a woman feels her partner’s drive and emotions, she really doesn’t think of his physiological parameters.

Think of How You Look and How You Smell

Though the proverb says that women love with their ears, you don’t have to forget about your appearance. We are leaving in the 21st century, where men’s look is as important as women’s. If you think that women do not notice your out-of-condition hair, dirty shoes or not too fresh shirt, you are mistaken. The same is about scents. The most sexual smell, as stated by many women, is a smell of a clean body with a very light scent of a premium men’s perfume.

Be Self-Confident, but Not Rude

Women prefer men who do not hesitate with what they do. Your actions should be full of self-confidence. Don’t be in a hurry, don’t be nervous. At the same time, don’t be rude or too persistent. If you manage to find an optimal balance between self-confidence and sensitivity, you’ll win.

To sum it up, physiological sexual abilities alone don’t make a man a first-class lover. Though a good potency is an essential thing for making sex, it is not the most important one. The way you behave and the way you treat a woman can become really crucial for her attitude. And of course, don’t forget about your overall look. Because women can love with their eyes the same as men. If you look and smell cool, if you really want sex and enjoy the process, a woman will not pay much attention to physiological aspects. And Viagra pill will provide an additional support in terms of erection quality.