Treat Erectile Dysfunction Anonymously with the Best Non-Rx Medicines!

Erectile dysfunction relates to the category of those disorders, which are rarely discussed. Moreover, it is the last thing in the world that men would like to share with anybody, especially their wives, girlfriends or sexual partners. The good news is that this annoying disorder nowadays can be rather effectively treated. The bad news that it is very difficult to preserve confidentiality when buying ED drugs.

The Order of ED Drugs Buying

The most advanced method of ED treatment today is considered the use of oral medicines of the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. The best representative of this group is Viagra. But you may be disappointed to know that it’s impossible just to go to a pharmacy and purchase it, at least in the United States. Viagra and its analogues are Rx drugs in the US and some other countries. To get such a drug you should undergo a medical examination and get a prescription (a paper, confirming that you really need the drug and have the right for buying it). After that, you may go to a pharmacy and get a limited amount of blue pills. To be more exact, not just “get”, but buy at rather a high price. Yes, Viagra is expensive, and its analogues, such as Cialis and Levitra, are even more expensive.

Disadvantages of the Traditional Approach

Needless to say, this approach has a number of downsides from the point of view of most patients. Not only must they spend a lot of money on drugs, but they also have no a single chance of staying anonymous. At first, they have to discuss their intimate problems with doctors. Though it is quite normal, commonly men can’t bear a thought of sharing such problems even with specialists.

After getting a prescription a man goes to a pharmacy, where he again needs to say about his diagnosis in public. Of course, it’s not a big deal, but many men feel a certain discomfort when they have to ask for Viagra in a drugstore.

Even if you try to buy original Viagra over the Internet, you’ll face the need of having a prescription. More than that authorized online pharmacies collect personal information about their customers and require a registration. You again can’t stay anonymous.

What is the alternative?

Buying Viagra by prescription can become a real chore for some men who want to maintain confidentiality. This problem is of particular importance for those living in small towns where there is a real goldfish bowl. No wonder that they begin looking for an alternative, and find it. They buy OTC generic medicines in online drugstores. Many of these drugstores let order samples free by mail without registration and without personal data collecting.

Advantages of Buying Generics OTC

Some people don’t realize completely what generics really are. They avoid buying them because they are not sure of their quality and efficiency. In fact, generics are not low-grade replicas. They are full analogues of brand-name products, but they are simply manufactured by other companies under other names. That’s all. Generics have a number of advantages over real drugs, for example:

  • they are always substantially cheaper, and even men with a moderate income can afford them;
  • they are available to everyone without registration and prescription.
  • they can be easily and quickly ordered by mail.

So, if you want to keep in secret your personal small intimate problem, there is a way of doing this. Buy inexpensive generics online instead of ordering Rx brand drugs in pharmacies, and you’ll maintain confidence and save your funds while getting high-quality new-gen drugs for ED treatment.